The digital whispers are true. We have branched out, spread our wings and officially expanded our business to include a new range of lifestyle treasures. Meet Dear Rae Collective – our newest launch and an ode to living well – of pausing, embracing little moments, performing daily rituals and elevating life through special experiences. 

This new addition to the Dear Rae family is a thoughtfully curated collection of homewares and lifestyle treasures comprising the most wonderful goods from some of our favourite local brands. We’ve also added our very own in-house creations to brighten up your home and day-to-day living. 

Items included in our new collective offering include linen tote bags by @beagleandbasset, plant propagation domes by Karin Rae, @tresnagual balms and soaps, blue light blocking eyewear from, hand-rolled incense by @houseofgozdawa, jewellery cleaning kits in collaboration with @green_bee_biodegradables as well as an array of other special treasures to help turn your home into the sanctuary you’ve always dreamed of. 

Available for perusal and purchase, in-store or online.















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