Our Step-By-Step Process



Reach out to us on customdesigns@dearrae.co.za to book your one-on-one consultation - either in person or via a virtual meeting. While we get back to you, you may want to start looking for inspiration online. Pinterest and Instagram are great places to explore ideas and collect imagery of jewellery you love. Helpful things to consider during this stage are jewellery style, stone options, stone size, and budget. Once your booking is confirmed, simply arrive at your consultation and we’ll help guide you through it all.



Our consultations take place in our Custom Designs Lounge at the Dear Rae Studio in Cape Town. While we love meeting you in person, we also offer virtual consultations for those living overseas or for those who simply can’t make it to the studio. Here we will cover and discuss all aspects of your design, tailoring and narrowing down your final look and feel.



Once we have a strong vision of your design, we will start sourcing stones based on your specifications. With the help of our network of certified suppliers, we curate a tailored selection of stones for you to choose from. The stone you choose should reflect your lifestyle, aesthetic and budget. Once sourced, we invite you back to the studio or onto a virtual call to view your options and to  select your final diamond or gemstone.



Along with your final design, we then send you a quote. If you are 100% happy with both, we require a 50% deposit as confirmation of your order. Once received, we continue onto the next step of the process where we create a computer aided design (CAD). Please keep in mind that sourcing and quoting can take between 1 and 2 weeks, depending on the design.



CAD (computer aided design) is the gold standard for all our custom designs. The CAD generates a 2D or 3D rendering of your ring, allowing you to visualise what the end product will look like. Please note that a CAD rendering takes approximately 1 week to complete.



Once the design is final, it gets handed over to your Custom Manufacturer so they can bring your dream piece to life. Elite craftsmanship, incredible skill and meticulous attention to detail are harnessed in the creation of your treasure. Each gemstone is securely placed, perfectly positioned and expertly set. The production takes approximately 3 weeks for completion, after which the balance of the payment is requested.



When your custom designed treasure is ready, it is thoughtfully placed in our bespoke Dear Rae packaging. You can either collect it at our studio or we can courier it to you with insurance. If you are based internationally, please note that we will quote you accordingly for shipment via DHL or FedEx. 


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