Ring Styles

Named after the French word for "alone", a solitaire ring carries one single diamond. The Solitaire 4 Claw is elegance in simplicity - the claws being purely functional, providing a minimalistic setting that doesn’t detract from the beauty of the stone. This timeless casing also exposes your diamond to maximum light, enhancing its natural brilliance.

A slight twist on the 4 claw setting, the Solitaire 6 Claw is an evolution of the former and offers a vintage aesthetic with a dreamy, old-world feel. The 6 claws provide a delicate yet detailed border to any centre stone.

Revered for its romance and powerful symbolism, the Trilogy Ring is thought to represent the past, present, and future of a relationship. Rooted in tradition and accommodating three stones, this style is a wonderful choice for those wanting more symbolism.

The Halo’s intrigue lies in the duality of its reflection and brilliance. The centre stone is surrounded by a halo of smaller diamonds. These stones each reflect their own light onto the main diamond, which in turn not only makes it appear more brilliant and even sparklier, but also bigger.

Another style that makes your stone appear larger is the bezel setting. It is also the most secure of all settings, because it anchors your stone within a solid metal border as opposed to claws. It follows the curve of your stone, drawing the eye to its brilliance and carat. Bold, robust and beautiful, it’s a modern alternative to the more traditional settings.

A slight play on the bezel setting, the partial bezel  provides an edgy cut-out design that modernises your ring. Where a traditional bezel encases the entire stone, a partial bezel holds the stone from opposite sides - with two gaps between the setting. This contemporary take on a classic style allows more light into the stone, thereby creating more sparkle.

Perhaps the most unique of all ring styles is the cluster setting, which involves grouping together smaller stones as an alternative to having just one large diamond. This is a great choice if you’re looking for something out of the ordinary and truly one of a kind. It also offers you the opportunity to play around with multiple stones of different colours, shapes, and sizes.

In the same way we love mixing solid metals and stones, you do not need to feel restricted to any one kind of setting. Incorporating multiple settings into your design can be the defining factor in your ring. Customised to your imagination - uniquely yours in every way.



We recommend having your setting checked every 6 to 12 months to ensure your stone remains safe and secure. If you’re worried that a stone might be loose, please bring your ring to the Dear Rae studio where we will happily check the setting for you and give it a good polish. Alternatively, you can contact us at info@dearrae.co.za if you have any other questions. 

To clean your jewels at home, purchase our jewellery cleaning kit here.

To find out more on how to care for your jewels, please visit here.



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