How to Clean Your Jewels

At Dear Rae, we believe in creating jewellery that can be worn and treasured for years to come. It’s important to note, however, that these are precious pieces and should be treated with care.

In the short video below, one of our designers, Chelsea, walks you through how to clean your jewellery using our Dear Rae Jewellery Cleaning Kit. She shows you how easy it is to get that exceptional shine back into your precious pieces.



Other than cleaning your jewels as demonstrated above, you should also be mindful when doing things like swimming and hiking or washing the dishes - especially if you have a claw setting which can weaken if continually knocked. We also recommend getting your setting checked once a year.

Most importantly, wear your jewels! The more you wear them, the more beautiful they become. From stone rings to solid gold and sterling silver, cleaning your most coveted pieces has never been easier. Why not make it a ritual?

The kit is packaged beautifully in an off-white linen drawstring bag and includes: ⁠

- Bamboo Dear Rae toothbrush⁠
@green_bee_biodegradables⁠ earth-friendly dishwashing liquid⁠
- Super soft drying cloth⁠
- Specialised polishing cloth (saturated in cleaning compound)⁠

If you would like to purchase our Jewellery Cleaning Kit used in this video, you can find it here.