Custom Designs Q&A

Can I bring my own stone to be made into a ring?

Absolutely – We’re all about recycling! We are happy to reset your diamonds, but existing gold cannot be reused. We will, however, determine exactly what metal it is, weigh it and then credit the value it amounts to, to your quote. This will be done in accordance to the daily gold price. The metal from your original piece will be sent to a refinery where it’ll be refined back to its purest form, in the case of gold, 24ct. 15% will be deducted to accommodate refining costs and shrinkage.


How long does the process normally take from start to finish?

Anywhere from 2 – 6 weeks, depending on a variety of factors.


Can I get personal messages, letters or numerals engraved or etched onto a custom design ring?

Yes, you can. We outsource laser engraving and we are happy to facilitate this process for our custom design clients. Other engraving options are hand engraving (antique style), where details are added with a jeweller’s saw – like roman numerals, herringbone or other simpler patterns.


Do you do restoration? I would like to change my wedding ring a little bit.

Restoration would mean the ring has to be redesigned and remade. And we would be more than happy to accommodate this process. The metal from your existing jewellery will be refined and credited to your quote, and the gemstones or diamonds can be reused.


What is the average cost of a custom made ring if I supply my own stones?

This can range from R5000 to R20 000, depending on the design intricacy and alloys used.


Will you be able to make a wedding band to match my engagement ring?

Absolutely, yes. We are more than happy to create wedding bands to match your original engagement ring.


I don’t live in Cape Town. How would I be able to make a custom band for my engagement ring?

No problem. Our Customer Designers work via email, phone and Skype to assist clients outside of Cape Town, as well as internationally. Logistical details will be provided by the designer during the process.


Do you accept gold provided by the client to add and use for custom piece?

Metal can be a complicated story. All jewellers work with different alloys – and there is bench metal and cast metal. The one does not work with the other and often leads to contamination, which then results in us being unable to work with our new metal and your old metal. Because of this, we prefer to credit you for the value of your metal. Read more on this, here.


How much do I need to know about the custom design process before coming in for a consultation?

During the consultation, which usually lasts between 30 minutes and an hour, the consultant will guide you through all aspects of the process. If you have time before, please feel free to browse through our Custom Designs information on our website, so as to be better prepared.


Do you do use solid gold or plated gold in custom designed pieces?

Whether it’s Dear Rae designs or custom designs, we only work with solid gold. Gold-plated jewellery needs to be maintained and replated as the plating wears down. Solid gold is forever.