All Dear Rae jewels sold in the UK are hallmarked.

Hallmarks are UK Government seals that are laser engraved onto jewellery pieces to indicate the metal purity of the item - be it gold, silver, platinum or palladium.

Hallmarking is required by law in the UK. In order to sell jewellery containing precious metals, each and every piece made must be sent to one of the four Assay Offices, where government employees will test each piece for the precious metal percentage and then mark the piece with a hallmark.

Since 1998, there have been 3 compulsory ‘stamps’ that make up a hallmark. When receiving your Dear Rae jewellery, you will notice:

  • Our unique Dear Rae mark to confirm that we sent it to the Assay Office for testing;
  • a standard mark which shows the fineness of the metal;
  • and the London Assay Office mark - the head of a leopard - to indicate where the jewellery was tested and hallmarked.

This process ensures that your Dear Rae treasure conforms to all legal standards of purity; that you know exactly where it was hallmarked; and that it was indeed our team of manufacturers who created it. Most importantly, it guarantees that the solid gold or sterling silver piece you purchased is, in fact, made from the metal you chose and not simply something that resembles it. All our gold is also proudly mined in South Africa - one of the world’s greatest gold producers.

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