Gold is a magnificent metal and something we absolutely love working with. Not only is it super durable, but its colour spectrum is spectacular and it never rusts or tarnishes. Here at Dear Rae, we work with white, yellow and rose gold. 

Did you know?
Gold in its purest form (24ct) is too soft to use for jewellery. Alloys are added to harden the gold and the amount added will determine the karat and colour. The alloys used in yellow gold are copper and silver, rose gold’s alloy is copper and white gold is either palladium or platinum. While the most popular alloy choices are 9ct yellow gold, 18ct rose gold and 18ct white gold, we are happy to work 9, 14 and 18ct gold.

Which colour should I go for?
Rose, white or gold – They’re all very beautiful in their own right. But there are a few things that will help steer you in the right direction:

– Your partner’s skin tone
– The colour of their jewellery at home
– The gemstone you’ll be using in the ring

If you’re still not sure which colour to go for, we’d be delighted to help you choose.

Please note: Our white gold commissions are white rhodium plated to enhance the beautiful white shine of the metal. Should you prefer the natural tone of white gold, we are happy to keep it as it is. The image above is of white gold in it’s natural form.

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