HILMA - About the collection


What sets The HILMA Collection apart is its ability to communicate through diverse visual languages. From symbolism to abstraction, it is a nod to af Klint's multifaceted artistic expression. Each design is an ode to "the Ether," an invisible energy that gracefully flows through the cosmos - a concept cherished by both Karin and Hilma.

Every piece in the collection offers a glimpse into a spiritual and otherworldly realm, echoing the essence of Hilma's artistry. It is more than jewellery; it is an invitation to embrace the wild, exquisite, and untethered beauty of interconnectedness. And a poignant reminder of our visible ties to the cosmos and the world around us.

It stands as a testament to the enduring power of art to inspire and connect us, inviting you to wear a piece inspired by Hilma’s visionary world and carry her message. 

"We are Nature, we are the Cosmos, and above all - we are One."

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