Friends of Dear Rae ~ Asha : Eleven

We’re all about women supporting women. Lifting each other up in a world that quite often encourages us to compete, is imperative. It’s the source of incredible creativity and some of the most powerful opportunities for collaboration we’ve come to know. As you can imagine, we get particularly excited when these women are good friends. Hence the fact that we’re thrilled to introduce an exciting new creative venture, ‘Asha: Eleven,’ spearheaded by our dear friend, Olivia Kennaway.

Olive was born in Kenya and harnesses great inspiration from working hands on with fellow African artisans and suppliers. Her trips back home to Kenya sees her connecting and fostering relationships with local craftsmen and creating ways in which to incorporate their traditional skill sets into her designs for Asha: Eleven. Needless to say, this beautiful process feeds her soul to no end and is a core factor that is intrinsic to her brand’s nature.

With ethics and sustainability as a driving force behind what Olivia does, she believes with conviction that the future of the fashion industry is one where sustainability is not only talked about, but the norm.

Her design ethos is simple: thoughtfully made garments that inspires the wearer to feel confident and effortlessly beautiful. Imagine timeless, trans-seasonal fashion that’s made to last. It’s a celebration of less being more. And where a few simple basics partnered with amazing contrast statement pieces, you can transform and recreate versatile outfits whilst reducing over-consumption and wastefulness.

We’re sure you’ll agree that it doesn’t get much better than that.. All we can say is count us in. Head on over to their online store to shop their debut collection, and follow them on Instagram for a consistent dose of the dreamiest inspiration.








Photography by Gerrit Olivier
Hair & Make Up Candice Mac Nicol
Jewellery by Lorne and Dear Rae










Photography by Caroline Viitanen @carolineviitanen
Model Katerina De Sousa Costa from Ice Models cape Town
Hair & Make Up Amori Birch
All Jewellery by Dear Rae