‘Little Dear Rae’ is jewellery designer Karin Rae Matthee’s first ever collection for little ones. Created in line with the brand’s adult aesthetics, this debut kids range celebrates beautiful, timeless little jewels and treasures, whilst simultaneously teaching girls and boys from an early age about the value of kindness, courage and self-love.

Following this overarching theme, the collection was created in correlation with a special poem that encourages kids to be their best unique little selves:


I’m the Sun
I am light and warm and bright
I will never be afraid to spread my light

I’m the Mountain
I am strong and I am tall
I stand up for what is right and I protect

I’m the fruit
I’m the sweetest of the sweet
I bring smiles to each and everyone I meet

I’m the heart
Full of courage and of love
Did you know that kindness makes the world go ‘round?

I am me
I am me, myself and I
I am special – Something I can not deny


Each verse comes to life in either a gold, silver or brass treasure, accompanied with a corresponding art print to illustrate the sweet little life lesson at hand. Little ones are invited to collect all 5 trinket/art print pairs to complete their collection, which naturally becomes an exciting way to start wearing and coveting funner versions of mom and dad’s jewellery.

Adorably illustrated drawstring backpacks complete this exciting new range from Dear Rae – Available in-store and online.






Photographer: Love Made Visible

Styling: Amy Keevy

Paintings: Karin Mattee

Copy: Munnike Geldenhuys

Little ones: Peach, Grace, Daniel, Mila and Theodore