Properties and powers of semi-precious gemstones

Gemstones are known for both their beauty and hardness, and are categorised into precious and semi-precious stones. These gems all boast their own unique colours, which they inherit from the various minerals surrounding them in the earth as well as the light that is reflected through them. 

While they do not have the same commercial value as diamonds, gemstones should not be overlooked. Their vast colour range deepens their intrigue, and here at Dear Rae we place great emphasis on celebrating these stones through thoughtful designs that reframe how they are seen and valued.



This gemstone is also known as ‘the watermelon due to its common ombre-esque pink and green colouring. It is the birthstone for the month of October and is believed to promote inspiration and happiness, reduce fear, and build self-confidence among its keepers. When creating this ring, we harvested the deep green part of the tourmaline for this oval set design.


Though known and named for its dark and earthy colours, Smoky Quartz draws a surprising amount of light through its clarity. With spectacular grey and brown tones, this earth stone is believed to possess grounding properties, helping with reconnection and the process of letting go of things that no longer serve you.



Another variety of the quartz family is Citrine. This gemstone is truly striking, with radiant yellow hues that adds a bright and lively energy to jewels. It is the birthstone of those born in November and used in a variety of our designs.  




Unlike other gemstones, Rutile Quartz is loved because of its inclusions or “irregularities.” These inclusions can be seen by the naked eye and look like jagged hairlike lines suspended in the stone. No two Rutiles will ever have the same pattern of inclusions – reminding us of our uniqueness and to recognise the great beauty in imperfection.




Found in shades of soft pinks and peachy rose, Morganite embodies a gentle femininity and has a glass-like clarity that makes it a popular alternative to the more traditional diamond. The ideal stone for once-off pieces, our custom designer can help you find the perfect shape, shade and size to kickstart the process of creating your dream piece.