This Mother’s Day, we have teamed up with female run business, Noa & Co.   Karin, founder of Dear Rae Jewellery, and Megan, founder of Noa & Co, open up and answer questions about their experiences as Mother’s in business, the difficulties and rewards of motherhood and each give a token of advice.

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What has been the most rewarding part of motherhood?
Karin: The most rewarding aspect for me has been observing the growth and development of my little one from nothing to a charming little individual. Pregnancy allowed me to appreciate my body's ability to create life, and watching my baby develop after birth has been a joy to witness. As a parent, it is humbling to recognize that we have limited control over this process and can only provide support, love, and guidance. Witnessing this miracle unfold every day is an incredibly rewarding experience.
Megan: I would have to say the unconditional love, it sounds cliche but your children just want you and they love you in any form, you can be as you are and you are always enough, which is the best feeling in the world. Watching them
grow into their own is so wonderful!  

How has motherhood shifted the way in which you do business (if at all)? 

Karin: Motherhood has transformed the way I manage my time. I no longer procrastinate or fret about trivial matters. Being a mother has forced me to rely more on my team and broadened my leadership style.  

Megan: I launched ‘Noa & Co’ when I had a two year old and was a few months pregnant with my second. Looking back, I can’t believe I did that! I’ve always had children in this journey of running my own business so I don’t know it any other way. Being an entrepreneur and working for someone else are very different experiences but I would say being able to multitask is the most important thing and not being too hard on yourself. It's also important to have a team around you who give you grace when your children need to come first. I’m lucky to have a support system who understands this and an incredible husband.  

What has been the most difficult part of being a business owner and a mother? 

Karin: As a mother, I often find myself caught in a challenging balancing act between the limited time available with my child and the demands of running a business that I deeply care about. Despite my best intentions, I may not always have the necessary energy to be as involved as I desire, this often results in feelings of guilt and frustration. 
What have you learnt in business that you would like to impart to your children?

Karin: You have the power to bring your wildest dreams to life, but don't cling too tightly to the end result - let it gracefully unfold as it will. When you open yourself up to collaborative creation, magic happens. So don't be afraid to play and experiment with those around you - who knows what wonders you'll create!

Megan: That women can be creative and start businesses and take up space in the arena. It's scary putting yourself out there but I don't want my daughters to be scared of failure. I hope they see my dedication and drive as inspiring. I also think that our innate feminine energy should be seen as a strength of a female business owner. We don’t need to run businesses like men, we need to run them like women.

If you could pick just one, what piece of advice would you give a new mom?

Karin: As you embark on this new adventure, know that you are never alone. Embrace the difficulties, lean on your community, and practice self-love with every step. 

Megan: No tricky phase lasts forever! I remember when I had my first baby I thought I would never sleep again but having done it twice, just know you do get your sleep back and your time for yourself. I enjoyed all the late nights with my second as I knew it was temporary and I soaked in all closeness and all those cuddles. They grow up so fast, it's so important to be present which I am continuously trying to be.   


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