What should my budget be?

Deciding on a budget helps us to source the best quality gemstones according to your specifications. We realise that every person’s perfect engagement ring is going to be different and that not every ring calls for an enormous budget. The most important thing to keep in mind is your partner and what they like – they are the one who’s going to wear it, after all. Does your special someone love sparkly white diamonds or would they opt for a more understated colour, or maybe a black diamond? Either way, we are here to guide you and to help you find the perfect fit.

How much will a ring cost?

The cost of the ring usually depends on the quality and type of gemstone used. Diamonds, sapphires or emeralds are the most expensive and if chosen, will make up the majority of the ring price. Other gemstones are remarkably cheaper.


A comfortable budget for a diamond, sapphire or emerald ring starts at approximately R20 000. It is possible to create a ring for less, but then either the size or the quality of the gemstone will be compromised.


Other gemstone rings start at R4000, but please have a look at our “Gold” section to get an idea of pricing. Please keep in mind that every gemstone is different. Everything from colour to where it was sourced can influence the price.

What is the price of the ring I saw on Facebook or Instagram?

It’s important to understand that every commissioned engagement ring is completely unique. This means that stones have been sourced according to taste and budget and so prices will differ from ring to ring.


The cost of the ring usually depends on the quality and type of gemstone used. Diamonds, sapphires or emeralds are the most expensive and if chosen, will make up the majority of the ring price. Other gemstones are remarkably cheaper. The best bet is to give us an indication of your budget and we will then begin sourcing accordingly.


What is the difference between rose, yellow and white gold?

The different colours of gold are obtained by the different alloys added to pure gold (24ct.) Yellow gold’s alloys are silver and copper, rose gold’s alloy is copper and white gold is either palladium or platinum.

What type of gold do we work with?

We work mostly with 9ct and 18ct, but are able to work with 14ct as well.

Do you work in titanium?

No, we only work in gold.

Do we work in platinum?

No, we only work in gold.

Can I blacken my ring?

We can blacken silver or white gold men’s bands through rhodium plating, but this will wear off over time and will have to be redone regularly. We do not recommend this.


Can you source any stone for me?

Absolutely – your wish is our command. We would be more than happy to assist you in sourcing a variety of gemstones. In the meantime, please see our “how to choose a diamond” and “other gemstones” sections for more information.

Do you work with pearls?

No – we choose not to work with pearls, as they are extremely soft and brittle.

What are the different size diamonds and what do they look like?

Tanzanite is a soft stone and so we recommend only using these stones in earrings or pendants.


Can I bring in my old ring and have it remade?

We love recycling! So yes, please bring it in. We are happy to reset your diamonds but existing gold cannot be reused. We will however determine what metal it is, then weigh and credit the value it amounts to from your quote. This will be done in accordance to the daily gold price. The metal from your original piece will be sent to a refinery where it’ll be refined back to its purest form, in the case of gold, 24ct. 15% will be deducted to accommodate refining costs and shrinkage.

Why can my old gold not be used?

We understand that inherited gold is sentimental, but because we can’t always be certain of the alloys used or the purity of the metal, complications often arise and this is something we wish to avoid.


How long will it take to make my ring?

Planning the perfect engagement ring for the one you love is an exciting process which ultimately forms part of your story as a couple. Our aim is to make this time enjoyable, comfortable and stress-free. From sourcing gemstones or diamonds to the design and manufacture process, from start to finish will take no longer than 2 to 4 weeks.


How do I take care of my jewellery?

At Dear Rae, we believe in creating sustainable jewellery that can be worn and treasured for years to come. But it’s important to note that these are precious pieces and should be treated that way.

We recommend doing the following:

– Take care when doing things like swimming and hiking or washing the dishes, especially if you have a claw setting which can weaken when continually knocked.
– Get your setting checked once a year.
– Clean by using a soft-bristled brush and warm, soapy water.
– Keep in mind that certain gemstone’s qualities may be affected by heat.

Most importantly, wear your jewels. The more you wear them, the more beautiful they become.


Consultation is by appointment only.

The world is your oyster when it comes to stone options and ring styles, which is precisely why we like to be prepare appropriately for your consultation. By booking an appointment in advance, you give us the opportunity to narrow down the options and source the stones we think you’ll love most. So please be sure to make an appointment with us before you pop into our store.

Please fill in a consultation form, here.


I don’t live in South Africa. Can I still have a custom piece made by Dear Rae?

Yes, of course! We’re all about spreading the Dear Rae love and will correspond via e-mail, FaceTime and Skype. Once we have an idea of the kind of gemstones you’re interested in, we will source a variety of suitable options and send you descriptions, images and videos to feast your eyes on. With regards to payment, we usually send a money request via PayPal and 5% is added for PayPal fees. DHL handles all our shipping, which normally takes up to a week and costs approximately R700.

Please note that you will be liable for any custom tax charges and any additional insurance charges.